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“Online dating…Will it work for you?” - Rewaj | Women Lifestyle

“Online dating…Will it work for you?”

Welcome to the future, online dating really does exist! Ever wonder what exactly goes on in all those chat rooms? They are simply virtual rooms where people meet and get to know each other…it’s what really happens!

Many available singles meet online around the world on a daily basis. It is isn’t long before two people ‘click’ and get together in real life at some point, and begin real life relationships. Aren’t we all searching for that ‘special someone’, our true soul mate? Well maybe you’ll get lucky online soon!

The hazards of online dating are sometimes blown out of proportion, but I suppose that is the way we tend to deal with anything and everything that has to do with the ‘oh so bad’ internet! The media has often capitalized on stories of online dating dangers and disasters. They are no doubt thrilling, and sure sellers.

Hey but let’s not be overly positive, remember it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine! There are dangers of online dating, relatively spookier too! But then searching for love and commitment was never predictable and easy, not even in the real world! So then why should we expect it to be any different in the virtual one?

The biggest plus point for online dating is that it is a more stress-free way to find the ‘one’ for you. It is a heartbreak-free system, as there is no real rejection to deal with at any stage. It is within your control, you are the master of your love destiny!

Online dating Vs Newspaper personals
You may think that a traditional personal ad in a local daily is the thing for you, but trust me it simply cannot compete with online dating profiles. Interaction is the key in today’s world. Advanced matchmaking systems have the ability to add photos and even voice, and the use of private e-mail and instant messaging; Online dating rocks!

Are you excited about mingling with the fascinating people online? There are some things you must keep in mind when corresponding with singles you meet on the internet; Avoid being generic. Focus on being specific, somewhat thoughtful and keep a tone personal. Sending a copy of the same letter to all the singles you meet would be very unimpressive.

Create a dreamy profile
Maybe you are a little confused now, after all the numerous dos and don’ts. Wondering how exactly to write your profile to make you irresistible to that perfect dream guy or gal? Word of advice…Don’t get carried away and reveal too much all at once! Always better to be simple, straightforward and not too intense, please!

Simply map out your general persona. What kind of a person are you? Are you an outgoing party type or a basic homebody? Another biggie you must talk about is your career. Mention your goals in life and your aspirations as a person. Last, but definitely not least, how do you feel about relationships and people. This is an essential point when engaged in online dating. You must be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship. This is essential in taking a step towards a future with the friend or friends you make online and must be established early on.

Caution: Do not exaggerate please!
Exaggeration is the key to the failure of any relationship, and it’s a definite ‘no-no’. Remember how we all learned “Honesty is the best policy” in our school days? Well, like everything else, it applies to online dating too!

Truthfulness is always a winner. So when you singles are writing those personal profiles to attract other singles, honesty is a vital aspect of the communication. First impressions are after all last impressions, right? Do not forget that when making initial contact with singles on the Internet. Eventually, you may be asked to live up to your own publicity. Say for example the photo you put on your profile is from your college days, when you were slimmer, had a full head of hair and were on the whole younger looking; wouldn’t it be shocking then for your online lady love to find you a pot bellied, balding older man? So be proud of who you are, and even if you aren’t too proud, be honest! So maybe you were better looking then, but now you have that awesome job, and that gorgeous car, and a mature personality…you had none of those during your college years!

It is all right to highlight your charming attributes or life accomplishments. The trick is to embellish without considerably making the whole thing up. If you are having trouble creating a profile about the real you and what makes you special, ask a good friend. Remember that all lasting relationships are built on the basis of trust.

Speaking of first impressions
The fine points actually do matter. You may come across as a basically sloppy person if your profile contains weak grammar and incorrect punctuation. Would that be a remarkable first impression? I don’t think so! Show that you care enough to proofread the profile you have created. I simply cannot stress enough on the attentive use of words. Do not whine, swear, or use expressions of anger or desperation. Any such thing that you write may be misconstrued, to that point that it may make the reader concerned, uncomfortable, to the point of being spooked by your personal thoughts and expressions. So please do write sensibly!

Humor is always gripping
Write a short and snappy headline and put it in the “Subject:” line. If your addressee receives a high amount of e-mail, he or she will be more likely to notice your message if it stands out of the pack. And besides, a little wit is always a great ice-breaker.

Customize your message
Start with something you’d like to say to the guy or gal if you were to meet him or her in person: pick out a few things out of their profile, or out of the e-mail you receive, and add some of your own personal thoughts in exchange.

Make Conversation
By creating a conversational flow, you will be adding a significant special touch to the communiqué. In addition to writing about yourself, comment on your recipient’s earlier emails and ask open-ended questions. Let them know you are interested in whom they are, and that you want to know more about their beliefs, thoughts and interests. These exchanges will be the beginning of any future relationship.

The Intimacy Ladder
Avoid gloomy topics, please! It may be great to have a shoulder to cry on, on the other hand you barely know the person you are writing to, so maintain the new-found intimacy at a suitable level. Comments about problems at work are ok; details about your failed past relationships are not. When the friendship is strong enough, you can slowly divulge personal information.

Always remain Positive!
Be sure to keep your emails bubbly, confident and enjoyable. Visualize about the thoughts you want your email to communicate. Make your reader smile and want more correspondence with you. It is always the positive emails that are more likely to receive a return message. So please people, avoid complaining, putting people down, feeling sorry for yourself or any relationship drama! Nobody likes pessimists!

The First real life meeting
Aha! There was a connection online, now you’re ready to meet in person, congratulations! It can be nerve wracking, wondering if the online attraction will spill over to the in-person attraction. Relax! If it doesn’t, there are plenty more single guys and gals out there waiting for you!

I suggest first exchanging photos of one another before meeting for real. You’ll have a better idea of what you’re up against and it will help settle your anticipation. But remember, some photos can be deceiving. Make sure the photo that your online partner sent you is a recent one that really represents him or her.

Does it get any better? Do not let your brain run away with your heart, please! Keep in mind that it is always best to make small mistakes, instead of huge blunders! You both have decided to meet in real life…Great! However, plan it with the basic amount of intelligence. Perhaps even confide in a good friend before meeting your online friend. It is also a wise decision to arrange the initial meeting in a more or less public place. Meeting for your first date in a public place will make you both feel comfortable.
If your relationship has progressed to the point where you have mutually decided to meet each other, automatically displays that a certain level of basic trust has already been established. The best advice at this stage is to simply follow your instincts.

All you prospective online daters out there, I wish you luck on your virtual escapades! The Internet offers a variety of single search sites; such as www.lovesites.com, www.online-dating.org, www.singles-index.com, www.123-online-dating.com and many more through www.google.com

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