1st Miss EBH Contest 2011 in Karachi

1st Miss EBH Contest 2011

Details of the Contest are as follows:

1st Miss EBH Contest 2011CATEGORIES

1. Miss EBH (Teen Contest)
Age – 13 to 19 years

2. Miss EBH (Adult Contest)
Age – 20 to 40 years

3. Miss EBH (Senior Contest)
Age – 40 to 65 years


1. The Contest are open for all MISS EBH customers

2. Shoes must be at least four (4) years old from the date of purchase.

3. You may submit original shoe with the copy of C.N.I.C (under 18 years of age give their parents/guardians C.N.I.C copy) along the complete contact information.

4. The MISS EBH shoe should be in use able condition subject to inspection.


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