Tips of making rough feet smooth

Make rough feet smooth again by using pumice stones, soaking, and by using vaseline and lotions. Most people experience rough feet at some time in their lives. Going barefoot and wearing sandals or thongs can make feet even rougher. Dry weather is also a main cause of rough feet. Cracked, … Read more

Imran Abbas: Flying Without Wings

Don’t get surprised if you spot the most stunning model of the town at the modest interior of PIVIC Saddar arguing at the absence of Roshan Ara Begum rather than rocking in frenzy at some lazy number of Beyonce Knowles at a trendy elite party. The popular Nawab Sultan of … Read more

Herbs that are good for cleansing and healing the skin

Herbs that are good for cleansing and healing the skin. Since ancient times, women have turned to the bounties of nature to help increase their own beauty. The ancient Romans used beauty packs of eggs and honey (amongst others), and Egyptians are well-known for their use of oils and perfumes. … Read more