Sanam Agha KFW 2011

Karachi Fashion Week 2011 Day 4

Sanam Agha Sanam Agha’s collection, inspired by Greecian gladiators, was pleasing to the eye with the exquisite draping. She used a palette of subtle hues of grey, pistachio green, custard yellow and black in chiffon with her signature insect motif used in every outfit. The highlight of the collection was … Read more

Fashion Station

Fashion Station-Grand Exhibition in Karachi

A Grand 2 Days Exhibition Of an exclusive collection of at-least 30 designer’s from Karachi & Lahore!
All the Fashion Designers, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Salons, Photographer, Studios, Airlines, Caterers, Spas, Jewelery Designers, Shoes Designers, Beauty Products, Health Programmers, Massager’s, Hand Bags Designers & others can be participating in this event.
Saturday 29th to 30th October 2011