Aamir Khan’s up for sale!

Pleased with the success of Ghajini, the makers of the film have found a unique way to share it with the fans — they can now take Aamir Khan in his muscled Ghajini look home.

Well, not the real Aamir, but his figurine that is. An insider informs, “It was producer Madhu Mantena’s idea to make the Aamir Khan-Ghajini look into a collector’s item.” It’s common knowledge that Aamir had worked out for over a year to acquire his hulk-like physique.

A source close to Aamir confirmed, “Great pains have been taken to capture Aamir’s exact muscular texture and structure in Ghajini.” Well, Aamir’s kiddie fans will certainly throng for this one. After, all what better way to pocket your favourite star, right Aamir?

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