Anti Wrinkle Mask

anti wrinkle mask

anti wrinkle maskRegular use of our nourishing anti-wrinkle mask will not only help moisturise ageing skin but is in fact a great moisturiser for any age and any skin type. It’s one of my favourites because all the ingredients are ones that are very likely in your kitchen cupboard already : oatmeal, milk and olive oil. The ingredients may be simple every-day foods but the results are a wonderfully moisturising indulgence spa for your skin.

Because you need to allow the mixture to cool, it’s a good idea to make it first thing in the morning, perhaps while you are preparing breakfast for yourself or family. You can then have your facial at a convenient time when the house is quiet and you can relax later on in the day. Make a little me time for yourself !

Moisturizing  Anti Aging Mask

  • 2tbls oatmeal
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2tsp of olive oil

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