Beautiful Baby

If you have given birth to a baby girl you should start looking after her beauty right from the time she is in her cradle, for the foundation of beauty is laid in childhood itself. Heredity gives a child the colour of her skin, the basic bone structure and the texture of her hair but the rest depends upon careful nurturing.

If your baby is born with dark fuzzy hair on her face, arms and legs, take 2 tablespoons of gram flour or besan, add a little turmeric powder and cream found on top of the boiled milk. Make into a loose paste and rub this paste gently on the baby’s body for a few minutes, then give her a bath. This will not only help remove the superfluous hair, but will also improve her complexion later on.

Massaging a baby’s body regularly is of great importance because this gives her strong and flexible muscles later on in life. Through massage you can also improve her facial features, for example if she has a flat nose you can massage the nose lightly with upward movements from the nostrils to the bridge of the nose.

If you do this she will have a nice nose neither too long nor too short, but medium and nice. If she has a short and thick neck, make her sleep sometime daily with a thin pillow just below her neck near the shoulders. There should be no pillow under her head.

If she has hairy forehead, you can remove the hair through the gram flour mixture used for removing her superfluous hair.

To get your baby to have lovely pink lips later on in life, every day take a red muslin cloth. Dip it in your milk and rub it on her lips twice or thrice a day. Her pink lips will be the envy of all.

You can also put a few drops of your own milk in her eyes and ears once every week. This way she will have a very sharp eyesight and very good hearing capacity. Later on in life, never apply kajal or anything in her eyes because this will not only give rise to infection but later on it might affect her eyesight also.

If she has scanty hair on her head then rub pure cow’s unboiled milk mixed with equal quantity of coconut milk on her head. Leave it on for 15 minutes then give her a bath with baby shampoo.

To keep your baby free from pimples and other embracing blemishes during puberty, after she is six months old, every week take a few drops of neem juice, mix it in little honey and feed her. She will always have a smooth complexion.

From the day she is born clean her mouth with a piece of clean muslin dipped in glycerine everyday. Besides when she is teething never allow her to put anything in her mouth like pencils, rubbers or anything; this will later on give her crooked teeth. For the same reason see that she does not get into the habit of sucking her thumb. Whenever she sucks her thumb, distract her by giving her some toys or you can apply juice of neem leaves on her thumb. The bitter taste will soon make her give up this habit.

When your child is just learning to walk, shoes should be very soft and flexible. Too tight shocs and socks can easily distort a babies feet.

So if you start looking after your baby just when she is born, I am sure she will later on in life make you a very proud mother.

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