Beauty Myths Drying Out Your Skin

MYTH: The thicker the cream, the more hydration
Simple Beauty TipsTRUTH: The opposite is true. Too rich a cream can trap dead cells and result in dull-looking skin. That’s why many beauty brands are producing more gel and gel-cream moisturizers.

MYTH: Cloudy skies mean you can skip sunscreen
TRUTH: Clouds do little to filter out skin-damaging UVA rays.

MYTH: Exfoliation causes dryness and patchiness
TRUTH: Only if you overdo it. Exfoliating once or twice a week brings new, moisture-rich cells to the surface and allows ingredients to be absorbed more effectively.

MYTH: Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer
TRUTH: Yes, it does. What it doesn’t need is extra oil. Choose an oil-free moisturizer. Women with combination skin should use a fluid-rich lotion on their T-zone and a richer moisture on dryer parts of the face.

MYTH: Showers help dry skin to stay moist
TRUTH: They don’t. In fact, showering and even swimming too long leaches water from the skin. Keep showers to five minutes and use lukewarm water. A water temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit causes blood vessel dilation that produces water loss through the skin’s outer layer.


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