Nail Art Design with French Color

Step by Step guide to Nail Art Design

Nail art for beginners is a fascinatingly fashionable thing. Young girls are so attracted towards it that spas and salons are offering unique designs to paint your nails these days. Here is a simple tutorial by a professional nail art designer to help you learn the tricks of nail art & try at home. Watch the … Read more

Snake Skin nail art design

Snakeskin Nail Art tips and tricks

Forget crackle nail polishes, this autumn/winter it’s all about snakeskin effect in nail art. The look you should be trying to achieve is super subtle but it can be done especially well if you work with two colors which are quite similar to each other. Like grey, silver & brown etc. If you’re ready to brave this … Read more

Home made Tips For Cuticle Softener

Home made Tips For Cuticle Softener

This year around fashion industry has introduced many funky nail polish styles which diverted the focus back on finger tips. In my opinion every women would agree with me that ideal set of nails always make a good impression. For this reasons you may find a lot of women putting … Read more