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Pumpkin Peel Facial to your Skin

Give a Pumpkin Peel Facial to your Skin

A pumpkin facial peel mask can do wonders for your skin. Pumpkin contains more than 100 age-reversing nutrients, including enzymes that treat the skin like alpha hydroxy acids to rid it of dry, dull cells. It hydrates the skin and adds radiance, exfoliating surface skin cells to produce a younger, … Read more

Combination Oily skin and Dry Skin

Oily Skin- Ways You Can Fight It

The shine, the stickiness, the irritating oiliness. Oily skin can be a pain. But maybe the ways we were using to wash down the oil on our faces was actually making it worse. Read on to get over the old soap and water routine. Around 30 to 40 per cent … Read more