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Best clothes for bulky women - Rewaj | Women Lifestyle
Best clothes for bulky women

Best clothes for bulky women

Having a weight more than normal, is not a barrier in the way of dressing fashionably. If you fall into that category of women, it is not a big Best clothes for bulky womenissue and you can look as trendy as slim women can. All it needs is, a creative mind,a positive attitude, aesthetic sense with lots of confidence in yourself.

Style of the dress

Shorts and mini skirts are completely forbidden. Wear something that covers your body nicely like trousers, shirts, and blouses.

Be careful with the fitting of your clothes, as too tight expose the body, making the fat more prominent and giving you an awkward appearance. Some women wear skinny jeans, that looks ridiculous. Let your weight come to normal level, then you can wear tight clothes, if you like, but not now. It does not mean that you start wearing sacs and baggy shirts or trousers. The proper way is to have normal fitting in your dresses, that is fairly loose to conceal your fat deposits.

Color Scheme

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