Chicken Achari Biryani

Chicken Achari biryani

Chicken Achari biryanichicken— 600 gram ,
rice—–375gram or 2 1/4 cup,
salt——-1 1/2 tea spoon or as u required ,
red chili——1 tea spoon,
turmeric——-1/8 tea spoon,
green chili———-4-5,
ginger————-1 inch piece,
garlic————–4-5 big cloves,
onion———- 2 medium size finely sliced,
green cardamom——3-4,
cinnamon stick——— 2 inch piece,
bay leaf—————-1,
oil———-3/4 cup

Now Take Some Dry Ingredients for Acahri Flavor:-

kalonji (onion seeds)—– 1/4 tea spoon,
rai (mustard seeds)——1/4 tea spoon
methi dana (fenugreek seeds)——- 10 -12 seeds
cumin seeds——–1tab spoon,
coriander seeds————-2 tea spoon ,
bay leaf (taiz pat )——-1 leaf


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