Choosing The Right Lipstick For The Season

Choosing The Right Lipstick For The SeasonWe all like to change up our look from time to time, and seasonal changes when the colors of the earth and the colors of what we wear change is a fantastic time for us to change up our lipstick shades as well. The question is what should we change our lipstick shade to as the seasons change?

The Fall Lipstick Shades

Fall brings us crisp, clean golden shades and hues that look good on everyone. Some of the hottest colors for fall are:

Spice shades
Pumpkin colors
Bronze tones
Dark apple reds

All of these shades almost all include one element of the other, whether it is a dark brown with some flecks of gold or taupe with a bronze hue. Experiment and see which ones work best with your eye color and skin tone.

The Winter Lipstick Shades

When we think of winter, we think of icy, cool tones and gemstone colors. Don’t be too surprised to see a lot of these colors in a more glossy, frosty style rather than a more matte style. Iridescent pinks are always a hit, especially if they have a hint of brown to them. Plum colors are also a great choice, as are the more neutral tones like brown and beige colors.

The Spring Lipstick Shades

Spring is all about keeping it soft and feminine, which is why any sort of pastel shade of lighter, paler colors are definitely a big hit. Pinks, soft reds, corals and other glossy mauve shades are a big hit in the spring. Orange tones can work for those with the right skin tone (typically warmer skin tones) and neutral colors are always in. Try a peach color for a softer look.

The Summer Lipstick Shades

Summer is where the bright shades come out to play. These colors are brighter yet usually more translucent than the heavier shades that fall and winter bring. Think of bright party pinks and cherry reds, magentas and even neutral shades if you want to keep it low key. Rose shades are great for a more natural look, while the frosty pinks will give you just a bit more of an edge while still being simple.

A common mistake that we all make when it comes to choosing lipstick shades based on the season is that we will open up the newest fashion magazine that we have pulled off of a rack, and an article will be going on and on about how a certain color is a huge hit this season. Sure, the color may be gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean that the color is gorgeous on you.

Before trusting any recommendations that a magazine may make, if there is a picture of a model or someone wearing the lipstick, be sure to see if the model has any similar features to your own. For example, is their hair color the same? Eye color? Skin tone? Or are you a brunette with brown eyes and she is a red head with green eyes? If that’s the case, chances are the lipstick will look fabulous on her but may be a flop for you.


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