Cleopatra Eye Makeup

Cleopatra, the acclaimed last Pharaoh of Egypt, has been loved by many since her reign thousands of years ago. By far the most famous of all Egyptian queens, her story of love and her beauty have enraptured the world. There is none as regal as a queen; even more so a queen of great beauty and seduction as Cleopatra. Wasn’t it very apt to have her portrayed by one of the most arguably beautiful women in the world at the time, Elizabeth Taylor?

Here is an easy way to channel this aristocratic beauty and make it your own. If you have fair skin, it would be best to apply bronzer all over the face to achieve a darker golden glow. Should you be dark skinned you’re already halfway there as Cleopatra was a beautiful woman of color.

Egyptian eye makeup is quite striking and this is the focus of the whole face.

  • Apply concealer over the entire eyelid and under the eye so that the whole area is evenly toned.
  • On the mobile eyelid only, apply a cream shadow that is a jade green.
  • Find a similar powder eyeshadow that has flecks of gold in it. If you do not already have a color like this, mix a mint green and champagne gold to produce the same result. Pat this on, not going past the crease so that the look is a semi-circle of the green color.
  • Use a fluffy brush to blend the shadow upwards all the way to brows. The green on the fixed eyelid should not be as intense as the one on the mobile eyelid but the whole area should be shaded in green.
  • Under the full length of the brows, sweep and blend a pale gold color with some shimmer. This should add illumination to the otherwise monochromatic look.
  • Lining the eyes is the trademark of this look. With a liquid liner, draw a thick even line along the entire upper lash line. At the inner corner of the eye, carefully extend the line a little past the natural peak.
  • On the lower lash line, use a cream or gel liner to recreate the same thick line. Join at the corners to achieve a look that has little extended peaks on both ends of the eyes.
  • Now use a black kohl pencil to mark the lower and upper inner rims of the eyes. These should be extremely black and defined.
  • On the outer edge of the eye, extend the liquid liner out in a flat horizontal line, about three quarters of an inch past the natural corner of the eye. At the end of the line, make a line perpendicular to it going a few millimeters upwards. Then draw a last diagonal line back to the natural corner of the eye, so that there is an empty triangular shape at the end of the eye. If you like, you can fill it in with black eyeliner or leave it as it is. It works both ways.
  • The brows must match the dark liner. The brows must be thickened and darkened with a pencil that is almost black. And they also must be extended outwards to meet the same length of the triangle at the end of the eyes without touching it. Set it with black powder if you wish.
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