Cure for Facial Open Pores

Cure for Facial Open Pores

Open pores treatmentA pore is nothing but the hole on the surface of your skin through which a hair merges. The hole is known as the pore and the hair that sticks out through this pore acts as a medium and allows oil to flow out of your body. Sometimes, when our body undergoes some changes and secretes more than usual amounts of oil, the pore gets widened or become large pores. This is known as an ‘open pore’. As you can see we cannot really do anything to open the pores. They open on their own, in accordance with the changes in our body.

Open pores are difficult to eradicate completely. The size of the pore is reduced by certain home remedies. Use of toners limits the pore size. Rub a block of ice on teh affected area. It helps in decreasing the pore size. The presence of oil and dirt in the pores make it more obvious.
Hence, exfoliate your skin to keep these culprits at bay.

  • Washing your face with cold water is an easy alternative. Place a small towel inside the refrigerator. Pat it over the area. This technique proves beneficial.
  • Usage of toners, twice a day helps.
  • Moisturize the skin after toning.
  • Powdered fenugreek is made into a paste with milk and applied in the morning. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse well with cold water.
  • Drinking a glass of warm lime juice with honey is helpful.
  • Add lime juice to a egg white. Mix well and apply on the face. Wash with water when tightens.
  • Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) with rose water is topically applied on the affected area.
  • Pore tighteners available commercially are also considered. Kaolin with lime juice also proves beneficial.
  • Applying foundation after toner is effective in masking the open pores.
  • Mix in the blender a teaspoon of honey with half of an avocado (preferably room temperature avocado). Apply mixture to face and leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Always remember to wash off the make up before retiring to bed, enabling the skin to breathe through.

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