Cute hairdos for summer

Cute hairdos for summer

Get that hair off your neck. Our stylin’-yet-sporty updos will keep you beyond cool, and look cute wherever ya go. Keep reading for easy-peasy ways to do it up in the extra-hot weather.

Twist & Shout
This hairstyle is easier than braiding, and looks just as cute! It’s a quick way to keep your hair away from your face.

How to: Split up your hair into two parts, and take a chunk of hair on the one side of your head, just above your ear, and begin twisting. Continue twisting downwards, towards the end of the hair. Then, grab the other portion of your hair, and twist the two separate sections together.  So, you’re kind of braiding your hair…but really you’re just twisting it.  Finally, secure the end with elastic.

Half Way Ponytail
Part pony, part bun and totally loopy.

How to:

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