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Dehydration Facts

Dehydration Facts

Dehydration FactsDehydration is not simply the loss of water from the body. Along with the water, dehydration also leads to the depletion of several essential minerals classified as electrolytes. As a result of dehydration, the water content of the body gets so low that the vital activities within the body cannot be carried out. Therefore, the body lapses into a state of lethargy, loss of energy and loss of strength.

If the body is not hydrated in time then it can even result in death. To prevent dehydration, the natural solution, of course, is to drink plenty of water. Especially during summer and exercising, which leads to excessive loss of water due to sweating, water should be drunk in large quantities to replenish the body. You should also know that other than water no other type of fluid, apart from juices, will be of much help to combat dehydration. For more detailed information, read the dehydration facts given below.

Facts On Dehydration

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