Delicious Breakfast Burritos Recipe

Delicious Breakfast Burritos Recipe

Delicious Breakfast Burritos RecipeBreakfast is very important for a body but if it is delicious and healthy then much better for the rest of the day.

Ingredient Required:

Cooked chicken cubed pieces or chicken or beef sausages 16ounces (1 pound)

Eggs 12

Milk 2 table spoons

Butter or margarine 2 table spoons

Tortilla breads 24

Shredded cheddar cheese 2 cups

Salsa or Taco sauce ½ table spoon

Preparation Method:

First of all preheat oven to 400′F. After that take a deep bowl and beat eggs and milk together. Then take a large skillet and pour this mixture in it and cook it in butter. After doing all this process add cooked sausages or chicken pieces and salsa in it. While adding all the ingredients continue to stir until it’s well done. Fill each tortilla with this mouth watering mixture, also along with half quantity of cheese. Roll burrito and then gently position them seam side down on a baking dish. Now sprinkle remaining cheese over top of burritos. After all these process bake it for approximately 5-10 minutes or bake it until the cheese is melted. Serve it and enjoy the taste.


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