Do you Dress to Impress?

Do you Dress to Impress?

Tired of going wrong with the way you dress? Here are some easy tips to dress right for the occasion.

Men might not have a wide and colorful wardrobe at their disposal like the ladies, but dressing appropriately for the occasion is just as important for them.

While certain outfits are fit for a certain occasion, wearing it to some other place might just make you stick out like a sore thumb. We bring you some tips to help you look your best.

Office wear

Dress smartly keeping in mind the work culture of the office. If it’s a corporate office, like a law firm, financial institution, etc. then opt for a sophisticated look – dark coloured, or pin striped suits with a pale shirt and a matching tie. Avoid prints, especially large and flowery ones. And if it’s a media house or an advertising firm, a pair of denims and a smart shirt looks good.

Formal dinners

At formal dinners, you are most likely to bump into a number of your colleagues. Hence, the key is to dress smartly. Opt for a suit and team it with a solid colored shirt. For a less formal do, wear denims with a shirt, or a tee with a blazer. Go for sober hues, not bold prints or jazzy co lours.

Night Parties

A club or a disc calls for trendy dressing. Tees, figure hugging shirts (only if you’ve got the figure to flaunt), your sexiest pair of jeans, smart jackets, sneakers – the choice is unlimited. You can also pair a ganji with an open collar shirt, or a jacket, or a tee.

Casual lunches

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