Do You Have What It Takes to be Beautiful?

Do You Have What It Takes to be Beautiful?

Do You Have What It Takes to be Beautiful?The specific characteristics of sex is one of the most important factors in determining a face and a beautiful body. To be perceived as more attractive a woman must have a quality more feminine traits.

Are you satisfied with your face – have large round eyes and shiny, a small nose, lips and the high ridges of the decision? All this adds up to make a woman more attractive and charming. Are your assets to a more beautiful face. The fact is that more contrast to your lips the color of the skin around the face, you look sexy!

On the other hand, a broad forehead and chin more or less is more desirable in a woman. They are still considered a long period feminize their faces collectively face.

The power of the cheeks to add to its beauty. If you are surprised to discover that all the angular or thin faces are regarded as ideal model, so we are talking about the cheeks. Thus, the survey shows that the fat in the face or the perception of weight on the cheek, is actually considered more attractive to men who are women.

Average Ness and symmetry are also important in the definition of beauty. Feature is also considered healthy and attractive symmetrical facial features, which is a good indicator of health.

Factors such as voice, facial expressions, body language and personality to enhance their physical attractiveness.

Skin tone – just a place, and a transparent skin, is an important factor in the marketing of beauty. Perfect skin is relatively smooth and hairless, is an indication of good health and youth.

And a thin body ideal condition, and is still regarded as a physical asset in its own appeal.

Finally, the magic of cosmetic make-up – Foundation soften the skin, helps to make you look younger … takes years off your face! Do not forget to use eye makeup and lips, which highlights the natural femininity and better appearance.


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