Eat late – gain weight

Eating late leads to gaining weight – is this a myth or a reality? Every single human being on Earth has his or hers own eating habits. Some of us refuse to take a little bite after supper and eat it at 6pm, while others have their supper at 10 (at the earliest) and are slimmer than the previous ones. Does this mean that eating late consequences in gaining weight is a myth? Not really.

The real truth is that doesn’t matter when you eat, the only thing that matters is what you eat. Of course you have to be more careful if you prefer late dinner. Moreover, you have to be very careful about what you eat before supper and after it.

Even if you are taking your supper at 6pm, if before and after it you have dozens of sweets or fast food, don’t expect to be slim. However, those who eat at 10pm and do the same are certainly more likely to gain weight.

The main reason why you shouldn’t eat that late or at least be careful about what you eat is that your body is tired after the entire day and you’ll go to sleep soon. While your body is asleep, your stomach is resting, too. This means that the food you’ve eaten before won’t be easily digested, causing overweight. However, if you are eating at 6pm, your body is still fully working and the digestion process is performed perfectly.

Another issue is the food you have before and after your supper. If you are having products that are digested easily or even help the process of digesting, such as fruits and vegetables, you are not likely to face the problem of obesity. Simply because your body will easily take the substances it needs and get rid of the ones unnecessary.

Overweight is usually a headache for those who eat unhealthy food, too many sweets and fast food before and after supper. Your body gets too many fat or other unnecessary substances, which, instead of being get rid of, results in gaining weight.

Probably the only way out is watching what you eat, carefully. If you fancy high-fat food for late dinner, it’s not the best choice, but if you have some vegetables before and after it, it’s ok. The ultimate solution is surely eating earlier dinner without having unhealthy snacks before and after.

Eating late leads to gaining weight, and this is surely not a myth. To make it clear, you are more likely to gain weight if you prefer having your supper at late time, but if you watch carefully what are you having and if you don’t have unhealthy snacks before and after it, you won’t gain weight.

The most important thing is enjoying your food. If you are scared to get some overweight, you have two ways out: you may eat the food you like, even if it’s not very healthy, but earlier; and you may eat late, but be very choosy about the products. Which is best for you is your decision.

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