Eid Recipes From Around The World

Eid-ul-Fitr, the holy Islamic festival marking the end of the month long fast observed during Ramadan,  is just around the corner and every devout Muslim household around  the world would be gearing up for the Eid dishesfestivities. To help you with preparations here is a list of the top 10 Eid recipes that will make your guests take a ride to heaven.

Sheer Khurma or Sevai Ki Kheer

Eid celebrations cannot be imagined without some sweet dishes and this milk, dried dates and vermicelli based dish tops the list. In fact, in South-East Asian countries the Eid Dawat is considered incomplete without this delicacy.


Also known as Laasida, this is a couscous-based porridge that is traditionally prepared in  Morocco for the Eid breakfast.


One more sweet from the Indian subcontinent, Malpuas are basically fritters usually filled with dried fruits and served dipped in thick syrup; a perfect treat for the sweet toothed, this is the perfect Eid breakfast dish.


Want to give a unique start to your meal then this dried fruit compote is definitely the answer. Serve this Egyptian Sweet beverage as a welcome drink and impress your guests even before their first morsel.

Grilled Lamb Kebabs

No Muslim feast can be complete without the succulent portions of lamb or gosht. Grilled Lamb kebabs are probably the perfect global way to start your feast. Serve it with a mint based dipping for an exotic touch.

Crispy Chicken
For the more adventurous who would like to include something contemporary in their menu, crispy chicken is the best bet. This is not a traditional Muslim dish, but is sure to be a hit among both children and elders alike.
Chicken Chargha

A traditional Pakistani specialty that is probably originated in the city of Lahore, chicken chargha is a spicy treat and a perfect main course for your Eid menu.

Chicken Korma
masalay dar Mutton BiryaniThis rich, creamy, slightly spicy, and wonderfully aromatic dish is perfect for any Dawat, fit for a king.


This honey spiced lamb tajine from Morocco is one of the must have Eid recipes for all those who would like to try something new while sticking to the tradition.


Can anyone think of an Eid feast without the ever so famous Biryani!? Even though over the years several variations of this recipe have evolved including the vegan Biryani, we suggest you stick to the tradition for Eid.

Do not forget to thank  Allah, the One God, for His grace and kindness before indulging in the delectable Eid dishes prepared for the special feast.

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