Exercise and Relaxation Techniques for Hair

Exercise causes the body to release stress reducing chemicals and this helps to calm the nerves. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise it is, as long as you enjoy doing it and can keep up the momentum. But don’t get competitive because this causes stress.

Make time for fun:
Schedule time for recreation and take vacations. These help you to relax by temporarily diverting the mind away from the problem.

Make time for rest and sleep:
All of us push ourselves a little too hard sometimes; our bodies and minds, in particular, need some rest. Vacations, short rests and even cat-naps help to reduce stress.

Talk to others:
It helps to talk your problems through with others. You can talk to a close friend, relative, counsellor or even your family doctor. In some countries, people have gotten together to form organizations which provide education and psychological support for their members. You might like to start one.

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