Mineral Makeup Blush eyeshadow Recipes

Eyeshadow and Blush Mineral Makeup Recipes

Mineral Makeup Blush eyeshadow Recipes
Home-made makeup recipe for a smoky green-colored eye shadow

  • Ingredients: 2 tsps. white matte mica, 1/8 tsp yellow oxide, 1 tbsp. green mica, 1 tsp. moonstone t
    aup mica, 1/2 tsp. titanium dioxide, 1 tsp. zinc oxide, 1/2 tsp boron nitride (or 1 tsp sericite), 1/2 tsp facial silk
  • Instructions: Grind the ingredients together and add in oxides one at a time to achieve the desired color. Instructions are pretty much the same as above.

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