Fashion Clothing Tips for Petites

Short women commonly try to choose clothing which would make them look taller. Do these efforts always pay back? It’s very easy to achieve your goal and look taller if you know some tips on what to wear and what to avoid.


One of the biggest mistake short women make is using belts in a wrong way. Wearing large belt together with different color upper part cuts the body in two parts, drawing attention to the shortness of the figure. The best choice is slim, narrow belt, which fit well with both upper and lower parts of your body.


Long skirt makes you look tall – myth! Baggy or very long skirts make your legs look shorter, only straight and ankle level skirts may do the trick. But you have to be very accurate while choosing one; it’s very easy to make a mistake with long skirts.


Straight pants that cover your shoes is a great trick to elongate your legs.

Vertical lines

Vertical line patterned clothing is the best way to make your body look longer. To create the illusion of longer legs it is enough to wear a pair of jeans that have a vertical line in the seams. Just one or two lines is enough to achieve your goal. But don’t forget, if you’ll exaggerate with lines, you’ll end up looking like a zebra.


The “must do” rule for short women is high heeled shoes. Matching long straight pants with stylish high heels is the combination that will definitely make you look taller. Open shoes with heels are also a good way to make an image of a taller person.


For no particular reason the majority of short women like to mix colors, however, it’s the monochromic clothing that makes you look not just taller but also slimmer. Black and other dark colors is definitely the best choice in this case.


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