Will Love Last? Read Those Lips!

What’s your love destiny? That all depends on the size of your pout, according to a study from the University of Leicester in England. Couples whose lips are of a similar size and shape are more likely to stay together. The researchers found that 88 percent of happy couples had … Read more

Mend A Broken Heart

1-The first few days after a breakup prove to be the most difficult time to manage. Do not demand too much from yourself – take each day as it comes. If you want to cry, do not restrain yourself. This would at least lighten your emotions and bad feelings. 2-Do … Read more

Believe In Yourself

Do Not Give Up Indulge in those tasks you think you cannot achieve. Since you have a tendency of not believing in yourself, this process may take some time and many efforts. Give your best at any and every opportunity that you come across. Pledge to yourself that you won’t … Read more