Five Tricks to Meltproof Makeup

Between sweat and humidity, you can literally see your makeup drip down the side of your face, right? In order to look fresh and not drippy, you need to switch up that makeup routine with some fresh products designed to beat the heat.  Here are some quick suggestions of things you ensure your makeup stays put for the rest of the summer:

1) Start with a primer.

It’s like painting a house: every good job needs a good foundation. It’s also been proven that your makeup stays in place better on untanned skin, so it’s not just the heat that’s causes slippage. Get your hands on some L’oreal Studio Secrets Face Primer ($9.99.) Not only is it okay for all skin types and tones (it goes on translucent), but it keeps your makeup put all day. As a matter of fact, since you’ve created an even base for your makeup, you’ll actually use less of it. This is a miracle product so I would suggest buying a few of them.

2) Switch from foundation to tinted moisturizer.

Your skin needs to breathe and using heavy makeup is just asking for your skin to basically revolt and push it away. Tinted moisturizer gives coverage that’s just as great but it’s a lighter, fresher look for summer. I’m currently addicted to Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint ($38), which evens out imperfections and gives a really pretty glow with the protection of SPF 20. I layer this over the primer.

3) Cream blushes are your friend.

As someone who doesn’t have the time to do a full face of makeup before I have to dash to a meeting (and I refuse to give up the precious handbag space to cart a ton of products,) I am a huge fan of anything that serves multiple purposes. Ladies, do me a favor and get yourself a Stila Convertible Color ($25) compact in a flattering shade. Not only does this cream product go on quickly by using your fingers, but the formula won’t slip the way powder sometimes can. Quick tip: place a golden-peach tone like Gladiola (shown) on cheeks, then one swipe down the center of your forehead, the tip of your nose and your chin. Blend for an instant sunkissed look. In a pinch, use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Hence the name “convertible color.”

4) Waterproof eye makeup is a must.

Rain, humidity, sweat, sea air, crying over a summer crush – people, it’s a wet world out there and you need some serious waterproof eye makeup to handle the situation.  I live by the stuff and for my money, Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Waterproof Eyeliner Duos ($28) and Définicils Waterproof Mascara ($24.50) have passed every test for bleeding and running. They just don’t budge and as someone who has to run through that sweltering heat all day, I appreciate that.

5) Switch to gloss over lipstick.

It’s a simple fact that a good gloss stays put longer without a massive time investment. I think I have at least ten glosses in my bag at any time but rest assured at least five are Lancôme Juicy Tubes, especially their limited-edition Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin ($18)

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