Frequently asked questions about Hair care

Is shampooing daily harmful for the hair?

Everyday washing shouldn’t be a concern as long as you are using a mild shampoo, which can suit your normal hair. Something that nourishes while it cleanses. If your hair doesn’t feel unclean, just sweaty it is okay to simply rinse out the sweat too if you choose to.

Also, after wash, keep your damp hair in a turbaned towel for about 15 minutes. Finger comb it in a gentle massage-like movements and only brush gently.

The right way of washing Hair

Oiling my hair every time does not help it in any way. On the contrary, you end up using more shampoo every time, damaging the hair’s natural oil balance, making it dry. Once a fortnight oiling is just fine.

To wash your hair, always wet it first before applying shampoo. Then, lather it by massaging with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly until squeaky-clean. Pat dry and finger-comb out the tangles or use a wide toothcomb.

How to treat split ends?

Split ends, which are mainly caused when your hair’s cell fail to hold together are result of exposure to harsh elements, chemicals or even excessive brushing.

The right kind of shampoo will minimise hair damage. Meanwhile it is also important to replenish ceramides, which are hair’s natural cement, and is responsible for holding the hair cells together. A ceramides enriched shampoo will help repair hair fibre and reduce split ends.

To maintain Oily Hair

Oily hair always goes with any oily skin. The scalp has a tendency to secrete excess oil, which makes it lank and greasy. It is therefore important to keep the scalp will only activate the oil glands causing further oiliness. So will combing more than required more so ever, do not succumb to the temptations of a harsh shampoo, which temporarily restores your hair but in the long run harms it.

Using a special shampoo for oily hair is the best, which is gentle enough to be used often. Also essential is to rinse at the shampoo thoroughly finishing with cold water.

For thin and limp Hair

Thin, limp, hair does not have a tendency to fall flat and dead. What you need is a volume booster. For starters choose your shampoo carefully. Ordinary shampoos don’t do much for your kind of hair. Look up a shampoo especially for limp hair

Secondly, don’t comb your hair when wet, Let it dry naturally and finger comb it. A hair dryer can boost your hair for a while but on a regular basis can prove harmful for your hair. Then, brush your brush straight from your scalp and shake it free.

For Dry Brittle Hair

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