How to Apply Eye Make Up Easily

How to Apply Eye Make Up Easily

How to Apply Eye Make Up EasilyWhen it comes to eye makeup has to think and then apply because the eyes are more eloquent than words. The type of makeup is applied to the eye can speak loudly about the kind of person you really are.

It really does not matter if you have brown eyes, brown, blue or green, but what really matters is how to make your eyes look drop dead sexy. The eyes are called the windows of the soul, and can kill at a glance. The eyes can smile like the stars or fill with tears, but more importantly, they can express every emotion known to mankind, all you have to do is to understand these emotions. The eyes are hot and cold at the same time, the eyes can reflect the glory of the moon or the sun’s radiation, the eyes can heal, reveal and killed, the eyes can be fascinating and mysterious, can speak an innocent joy tragic loss. The eyes have a special power that can cast spells appealing or simply being kind and gentle, the eyes may simply be who they really are!

That your eyes can put a spell with make-up is something to see. Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful look that can kill.

Eye makeup
The natural look pink

Many teenage girls and women in their twenties who want to show the power of pink. The question is how is that done? You can use a soft ocher paint on the lid with eye shadow in closing the eyelids, eye shadow pink underwear in the middle of the eyelid, the pattern of eye shadow around the inner cover, eye shadow, quiet but this time just above the crease, Cranberry eyeshadow on outer cover, nylon eyeshadow on lower lash line, Vex on the brow shadow and Kohl cats line the lower lashes and what you get is the mischievous look pink and natural.


There are hundreds of shades of color that can be used and, depending on your choice, you can try the subtle nuances of color and creativity. There is a wide range of products available online eye, like eye shadow mineral makeup. The good thing is that mineral makeup eye shadow can be applied wet or dry-coated with a specific look. One of the most popular versions is a cheeky mineral liner shadow /, consisting of highly pigmented mineral powder makeup. It consists of ingredients such as titanium dioxide, Mr. Sereci, mica, iron salts, ferric ferrocyanide, and the oxide. These shadows can be used on the eyelid in a surprising way.

There was a time to get the perfect eye shadow, you had to mix and match dozens of shades of eye shadow powder to find the perfect effect, but things have changed now. There is a wide and wonderful eye shadow powder available today, such as shades of cream, Evangeline Lily and glitter dust. These powder eye shadow has a distinct advantage: they are easy to use and can be done anywhere and at any time. All you need is a brush applicator and some moss. To give your eyes a size, you can mix two different colors or mixed with a cream base shadow. If you use a cream shadow, then you will see that it is best to use the least possible to give your eyes maximum impact. Most of the cream shadows are available in pressure tubes and can be applied to the eyelid and eyebrows close.


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