How To Apply Makeup For Photos

Everybody wants to look great in photos and pictures. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a natural beauty – some of us have to work harder in order to look great in photos, some have to conceal blemishes /pimples, discolorations, large pores/, other have to change their hairstyle and clothing. If you are going to be photographed do not forget to take your makeup bag with you as you will need a few makeup products.
Here you can read about the simple tricks you can do to look great in photos.

The professional makeup artists highly appreciate the healthy, clear and naturally beautiful skin. But if your skin isn’t flawless you will have to use a few makeup products to achieve this. Every makeup artist use a makeup primer / a makeup base/. A good makeup primer will hide imperfections like, large pores, small pimple, skin discolorations, spots, freckles and so on. There are even eyelid primers that conceal the yellowing hints under your eyes.

The darker the circles under your eyes are, the thicker the concealer should be. To hide puffy bags apply the concealer only over the darker parts. Never smear the concealer, simply use your finger tips to apply it with light movements.

Applying eyeshadows is not a must if you want to look flawless in the photos. If you are going to apply eyeshadows you had better use light colors – blue, white, pink, golden, silver, brown, greenish. Apply the shadows only in the centre of the eyelids.
If you want to make your eyes appear bigger you should apply light eyeshadows only at the inner rims of your eyes, line the lower lashline with a light eyeliner.

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