How to buy Eye Shadows

Make-up artist Humaa Tahir’s expert advice about buying eye shadows.

What are the five key things to look for when buying eye shadow?

It should be a creamy powder that one can apply with water. The colour texture of the eye shadow must match the skin tone and you should have different compact kits for day wear and evening wear. One must have a nice blending brush and finally – one must know how to apply eye shadow!

What colours should you own eye shadow in?

It depends on your personal choice but these colours are important: dark brown, black, silver, golden, aqua blue and brilliant green. You can blend most of them and have as many as 40 other eye shades with you.

What’s the worst fashion mistake people make with eye shadow?

When people don’t blend eye shadow properly.

Should you match eye shadow to your outfit?

Not necessarily – a contrast will do.

What are good brands that make eye shadow?

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