How To Treat Dry Skin

How To Treat Dry Skin

How To Treat Dry SkinWhen we think of “problem” skin, we think of acne. We think of oily skin. But fact of the matter is, dry skin is just as problematic and uncomfortable as acne, oily skin, or even sensitive skin. So how can you treat and cure dry skin?
What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be defined as appearing “parched”, “thin” or even “paper-like”. One suffers from dry skin when not enough sebum is being produced under the skin’s surface to keep the skin hydrated. You will often feel as if you skin is tight and rather uncomfortable, particularly after washing your face.

Those who suffer from dry skin also often have flaky, dry, or even chapped skin on their face. You will notice that the skin appears to be dull, particularly around the eye and cheek area.
Some causes for dry skin include:

Sun exposure: If it is only during the summer months that you experience dry skin, try drinking some more water and stay out of the sun! You should notice your skin improve.
Your skin may only become dry during the dryer, winter months. Be sure to invest in a good quality hydrating moisturizer for these months
Improving your nutrition may actually help your dry skin. Focus on eating more foods that contain both vitamin A and B.

Choose the Right Cleanser
If you have dry skin, there is a good chance that you are already quite familiar with the necessity of choosing products that are suitable for your skin type. When you are choosing a cleansing product for your face, you need to choose a cleanser for your face that is formulated for your dry skin. These cleansers will be strong enough to remove layers of make up while also retaining the moisture in your skin.

Choose the Right Toner
Toners can really dry out your skin if you do not choose the right kind. As a general rule, try to choose a toner that does not contain alcohol – this will work wonders and will also prevent your skin from drying out completely.

You can also choose a toner that is made just for dry skin. Look for these around the same area where you will find the skin cleansing products.

Hydration is Key
An obvious statement, yes, but nonetheless choosing the right moisturizer will make all the difference for you suffering from dry skin. You want a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin yet not cause your makeup to smudge or smear. You will want to find a moisturizer that is made specifically for dry skin and that will offer additional hydration and moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E or aloe vera.


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