Kat-Sallu chemistry ‘not happening’

Their movie ‘Yuvvraaj’ that was supposed to portray their love for each other, bombed at the box office, prompting many to ask whether Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif lack chemistry. The latter spoke to TIMES NOW about her relation with Salman and the movie, which did not do so well inspite the hype.

When asked whether her chemistry with Salman does not work with the average cine-goer, Kat clearly said, “May be.” This is an indication enough that the duo’s onscreen love story could possibly be going off-track. Also, she believes that this could very well be the reason for the movie not doing so well in the box office.

At an event to promote a jewellery brand, Kat does not seem a way bit insecure about her two clones — Zarine and Lisa being promoted by Salman. And lady love believes that it is sweet on behalf of Salman to promote her look-alikes.

With her success rate and pals like Akshay Kumar backing her, Katrina Kaif seems to have very little of Salman’s quirks on her mind.

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