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king of self

king of selfI heard it in a movie called ‘Maid in Manhattan’ , “what defines us is not how we fall, but how we rise after our falls”… and how true that is. Our lives today are full of let-downs and rejections, some that are warranted by our actions and others that are quite unexpected. However, we all deal with negativity and pain in our own way and in our own time. It is very hard to fall or to be insulted or embarrassed, even more so if it comes from the people you love and respect, and the people who you want to be loved and respected by. But how long should we keep that baggage in our mind and in our hearts? Should we let it sit like a rock in the bottom of our hearts for ever, pulling us down to the dumps whenever something pricks the pain, or should we toss it out and become more aware of our inner strengths, and in turn, learn new ways to overcome our faults and failings.

The Crying Game

Yes, tears! Ah, how they heal us. Each drop that falls from our eyes lightens our soul and with each drop our sadness seeps and spills out, leaving us with anger. Yes, we are initially devastated, depending on the level of hurt we have suffered, but then we MUST motivate ourselves to move on.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…?

All cried out? Now let yourself be a little self motivated. Get comfortable in your own skin. Realize who you are and feel alive. Your first love, first passion, is you! Raise yourself to a higher level. Teach yourself to be sincere to yourself before you allow another person to judge you. No one knows you better than you. Hence be your own judge. Look at your imperfections, and your flaws (we all have those). Be honest about who you are, or you will never be truly content with the life you live. Try to look beyond what people say or make you feel… find the positive qualities you possess. More than anything else believe in you. Remember: If you don’t believe in yourself, chances are no one will ever believe in you!

When in Rome…?

Are you the kind of person always interested in making other people comfortable, sometimes staking your own happiness in the process? Do you feel that you will not be cared for or valued unless you do? Well, then you must change your perceptions. There is nothing worse than a person who goes through life like that. You must respect your friends and loved ones. However, in order to be respected you must first respect yourself. Present yourself to people as an individual who has his or her own set of values, principles, likes or dislikes. Do not let people force you to do things that are not you just because you feel socially pressurized to do so. If your friends have cut you out just because you did not succumb to their pressures then good for you, these people did not deserve you to begin with. Don’t change yourself for other people; change yourself when you feel a change needs to be made.

Dress for Success

Always make an effort to look your very best. Exercise, eat healthy and always remember to wear your smile. Be positive in every way. Clothes make a huge difference and are an instant insight to the person we are. Be sure your clothes reflect who you are. Otherwise your attire will clash with your personality traits. Another important thing that I must point out is that at all times, be conscious of what you are doing when you are doing it. Whether you are walking, eating, talking on your cell phone in the company of others or waiting for a job interview, always be aware of your actions. Train yourself to be attentive and try not to appear fidgety or confused. Let people see your confidence and feel relaxed about yourself.

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