Govinda and David Dhawan, the ever popular comedy double-act are united once again for Kunwara. This time round David Dhawan’s comedy crown is slipping.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT, this time round David Dhawan and Govinda completely fail to deliver an imaginative story line.

The story starts with Urmila plotting revenge on Govinda forKunwara something he hasn’t done. She follows him to Switzerland and (would you believe it?) they fall in love, but he is forced to return to India. They decide to tell their parents and agree to marry when Urmila returns.

But on the way home Govinda saves a woman trying to commit suicide and she confesses she’s pregnant and unmarried. So to help her, Govinda pretends to be her husband and gets dumped at her family home. But guess what? The suicidal woman turns out to be Urmila’s sister! When Urmila returns she’s naturally shocked when introduced to her new relation.

The rest of the story is standard fare when Urmila uncovers the truth with predictable results. Ridiculous is a good word to use to describe the story line at this juncture.

Mark this one down for die-hard Govinda fans only, as Kunwara has few exciting moments to keep you glued. Urmila runs around the whole film wearing tight tops and pants and her trademark pout, but as the film in general is so over the top, you’ll not even notice.

The funniest moment doesn’t even involve the two stars, but Johny Lever and Kader Khan who play out hysterical sequences (in particular watch out for the bit where Johny feigns to be a ghost and Kader Khan gets drunk). Overall the film suffers from a typical masala cliché syndrome – too much of the same old stuff, packaged in the same old way. It’s best if you wait till the video is released … watching this in the cinema would prove to be a wasted evening.

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