Makeup for Various Skin Tones

Makeup for Various Skin Tones

Makeup for Various Skin TonesChoose the most appropriate makeup for various skin tones. Starting from the foundation, until the eye makeup. Make up artist Adi Adrian said colors can not just make up, having to adjust the color if you want the final look more perfect makeup. Especially for the choice that determines the color of foundation makeup as a whole.

But for lipstick, Adi suggested should try to wear lipstick when the face was not exposed to natural makeup application at all. That way, you can decide what color of lipstick that matches the color of your skin.

Check out how to choose colors make up for the following four colors:
* Yellow complexioned. Soft colors like pink and beige leather appropriate for this. Bluish pink, bright red suit to keep the skin warm yellow hue. To select the color beige foundation. While eyeshadow and blush on, choose a soft pink color.

* White pale. Brighten skin tone with a pale pastel colors, red or pink to purple to silver shades. A little shimmer shades will give a healthy impression on pale skin. For the foundation, choose a bright natural color. As for the eye makeup and more, select a soft yellow or orange.
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* Sawo mature. Warm colors like coral, peach, brown, leather match for this. Copper-gold shades of brown and red brick is also the right choice for brown skin to give the impression of brilliant. Use brown colors for foundation, eyeshadow and blush on.

* Dark skin. Choice of color foundation, concealer and powder that is essential for uniform appearance of the skin. Metallic colors can be used to lighten skin. Beige eyeshadow is perfect for this skin, other choices of gold color.


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