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Massaging Various Types of Butter On Skin

Massaging Various Types of Butter On SkinIf you thought that only oils were used for massaging then are totally incorrect as many natural butter are also used for massage. Today, we will be briefing you on various types of massaging butter on skin that are used in spas. Take a look so that you can buy them and use them for self massage. The properties of the butter types are truly rejuvenating. Sneak a peek.

Massaging Butter on Skin And Butter Types –
1. Avocado Butter
Avocado has many benefits and is also used in many skin care products. It contains the antioxidants and vitamins like A, E and D. The vitamins helps in killing the free radicals that cause aging in skin. The natural butter is a sun protector and prevents damages caused due to ultravoilet radiation.

Avocado butter contains lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids that are highly beneficial for skin. The butter on skin melts with the temperature and gets easy for massaging body. It acts like a moisturizer to dry skin, reduces pigments, liver spots and age spots.

2. Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is popular in massage centres for its rich and distinct aroma. The heavy solid melts on body and is freely movable while a massage. Cocoa butter can even be blended with other oils. The butter protects and lubricates skin. It helps in lightening scars. The wonderful aroma relieves stress and the inexpensive natural butter is any day a best choice.

Cocoa Butter penetrates deep into skin (epidermis), softens, renews and repairs. The antioxidants protect the skin and act like a natural preservative. It is even used in many skin care products like lotions, creams and cosmetics.

3. Shea Butter
The heavy butter on melts skin and is best for a self massage. The natural latex in the butter reduces scars, moisturizes skin and softens the layer. It is popularly known as after shave butter as it is best to apply it after shaving arms and legs. It softens the area and prepares the skin for the shower.


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