Myth or Fact: Can Lemon Juice Clear Up Acne?

yth or Fact: Can Lemon Juice Clear Up Acne?

yth or Fact: Can Lemon Juice Clear Up Acne?One of the oldest treatments for acne that we have all been hearing for ages is that lemon juice can cure you of your acne. But is this old wives tale true? Before you go out and buy lemon juice believing that is going to be the magic serum that can cure your acne woes, read this.

How Lemon Juice can Clear Up your Acne
Lemon juice acts somewhat like a natural astringent. When applied to the skin, the juice will help dry up any excess oils that may be present, and it will also help slough off any dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. This means less of a chance of clogged up pores, one of the main causes behind acne.

Lemon juice also naturally contains alpha hydroxyl acids, otherwise known as AHAs. In lemon juice this comes as a form of citric acid. When you apply a thin layer of this citric acid to your face, the acids will act as a gentle “acid peel” for your face. This acid peel will further remove any dead skin cells that may be present, allowing the healthier and newer cells to come to the surface.

How Lemon Juice can exacerbate your Acne
Though lemon juice may sound like a good idea, you do have to use some caution before use. It’s important to realize that any sort of astringent, though it removes oil, may remove too much oil from our skin. Removing to much oil from your skin can help the acne bacteria actually thrive, and then continual to perpetuate it’s cycle of blemishing your face. Lemon juice may also cause skin redness, dryness and irritation, especially for those with more sensitive skin. Note that those with darker skin may have some change in their skin pigmentation if they choose to use lemon juice.

Can Drinking Lemon Juice help prevent Acne?
If you do happen to have sensitive skin and you are thinking about drinking the lemon juice to help fight off acne, this unfortunately will do you no favors. Though lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C and potassium, two nutrients that will help boost your immune system, it will not directly help your acne.

How can I Use the Lemon Juice for my Acne?
Using lemon juice to treat your acne is simple. All you need is one fresh lemon, a knife to cut it with, and some sort of receptacle to put the juice in, such as a bowl or a cup. Cut the fresh lemon in half or into wedges, and then squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. Take your fingers, a Q-Tip, or a cotton swab and then apply 1 or 2 layers of lemon juice where ever there is acne present (this will also work for your neck and back area).

Allow the lemon juice to sit for up to 20 minutes, or leave it on overnight for the best results. Rinse your face with cool water, and then apply an oil-free moisturizer to your face. Any extra lemons or juice can be stored and kept fresh in the refrigerator.


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