On the Eyebrow Beat

On the Eyebrow Beat

On the Eyebrow BeatDo not take risk by changing shapes of your eyebrows frequently as this can make a lot of difference to your face.

To make your eyebrows more presentable just keep in mind some points-

Drop the years- Did it occur to you that the wrong shaped eyebrows could add an additional five kilos and if that isn’t bad enough an additional five years? If you aren’t convinced take a trip to the market and do a little people watching. You will be amazed at the eyebrows you will see!

No more eyebrow raising- The next time you are out, glance at a few foreheads. You will probably see a lot of horizontal lines, and it is something that can be prevented or at least slowed down. And how do you do this? Stop raising your eyebrows a few zillion times a day. This is simply a habit that can get out of hand. And don’t go trying to create an arch, when you don’t have one. You will end up with unnatural looking brows and even worse therefore the arches could be different over each eye. Tidy up unruly hair, but work with what you have.

Who would have thought?
Did you know that simply pulling a t-shirt could ruin your eyebrows? Tiny hairs suddenly go in every direction. Get into the habit of grooming your eyebrows with each makeup application. Beauticians agree that the space between your two eyebrows should be the same as the size of one of your eyes.

Big brows
You can’t change them so think about tidying them up. Remove any hair between the brows and those that are beneath but straggly. If they are sparse, fill in as directed above. Did you know that well groomed eyebrows can actually open up your face? It’s true and they can also help lift deep set eyes or make small eyes look larger.

Tweeze right
Pick a natural light source for your tweezing.
Place a warm wash cloth over brows for 5 to 10 minute. Exfoliate brow with a wash cloth to help free up any in grow hair.

To emphasize
The natural shape of brow, use a brush and a little bit of gel on them.
There is another great little product available to hold the brows in place-colorless mascara! Works great.


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