Papri Cone Chaat

Papri Cone Chaat

Papri Cone Chaat

We all love our chaat with crispy crunchy papri on top so why not try it another way, in a cone.Ever since I saw it on TV I wanted to make it and finally I did. Chaat is my mum’s yummy styled. Scoop some chaat in cones. Top up with a dollop of yogurt n enjoyyyyy

For Chick peas Chaat:

Take two cans of Chick peas. I mixed a can of red beans as well coz two weren’t enough and I was out of Chick peas tin.
Pour them in a saucepan with their own water from can… put 1-2 sliced onion, boiled potatoes, 2 tomatoes, green chilies, salt, red chilies, chaat masala, tamarind (put in Luke warm water for half an hour) and coriander. Cook on high flame for about2-3 minutes…n its ready.
Don’t cook too much or veges would get too soft….

For Cone:

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