Participate in Film Making Competition in London

Participate in Film Making Competition in London

film-making‘Filmmaking for Social Change, 2010’ will provide 30 young filmmakers from Karachi and Lahore the opportunity to produce ten films that will be shown at the London International Documentary Film Festival (LIDF) in May this year.

The project will provide young Pakistani filmmakers with access to an international platform to showcase the voices and stories of ordinary Pakistanis and raise awareness in Pakistan and the UK.

According to a press release issued by the British High Commission on Thursday, the festival will provide a platform to highlight the real issues of people and their demand for a positive change in their lives.

As part of the project, a “Pakistan National Short Film Competition” will also be held. This competition will be open to all young Pakistani filmmakers on the same theme.

The winning film from this competition, and the films produced for the Filmmaking for Social Change 2010 project will be shown at the LIDF, and screened throughout Pakistan as well.

Moreover, the films would be broadcast on Pakistan national television channels and also be available for online viewing on the website

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