Reduce stress while driving

Reduce stress while driving

Reduce stress while drivingDriving when traffic is slow and heavy is one of the most stressful situations that we can live our daily lives. Moreover if we hurry and get stuck in a queue of vehicles bearing the horns of other drivers, making that annoying ringing noise in protest.

To win you will not despair every time I decide to drive, keep in mind the tips presented in this article. You’ll notice that even in those moments of nervousness and anxiety can also relax.

Visualize the place. Take the opportunity to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your imagination flow and visualize in your mind the image of a pleasant and quiet, like a beach or a field full of flowers. Try to imagine with all your senses: Imagine that your feet are flat on the sand or you smell the flowers and thereby reduce anxiety well away from any negative thoughts.

Breathe to improve your mood. Make use of aromatherapy scents carried in your purse or briefcase. One of them may be the lemon balm, which is commonly used to eliminate stress; it has energizing properties that will free your car from negative vibrations. Also try with scented sachets.

Listen to your favorite music. Nothing better to clear your mind listening to the songs that you like, and even more if also sing. Anyway, the melody is ideal for relaxing classical music: it has been shown that heart rate; blood pressure and blood flow in healthy adults are stabilized by the decrescendos, ie, the gradual decrease in the volume and intensity of this type of music.

Take the time lost. Since you’re stuck in traffic for a while and you can do but wait, took time calling a friend, reading a good book or just planning your next appointment.

Eat a snack and drink water. Calm your hunger with food you can carry in your purse, such as nuts, low-sugar energy bars or an apple. To avoid dehydration on a hot day in the car, take a bottle of water, but drink in small amounts because you will probably have to wait to go to the bathroom. If you prefer, opt for chamomile tea ice cream, which is known for its soothing properties to heal stress and insomnia.

If you follow these tips, driving stress is just a memory.


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