Signs of Cosmetic Allergies

Signs of Cosmetic Allergies

Signs of Cosmetic Allergies  Often it is fish eggs acne symptoms or having the most cosmetic use, due to the chemical as bít pore, causing the stagnant greasy.

Besides fish eggs in acne, signs of allergies include:

– Inflammation skin allergies, is allergic type ram better, portions denoted by the red cross in the cosmetics, accompanied by acne and itch.

– The star of the production line as the very similar type in the traces on the surface of the skin such as mosquitoes bite or wale on the skin surface, accompanied by itch.

– Cham exposed portions include the commission limited the attached acne and itch.

– Dry skin manifests with dry skin and troc loan.

– The most common complication in the drug user groups have prolonged corticoid.

– Tan is the state increased swarthy color.

– Aging skin is the state such as wrinkle skin, brown spots, dry, to, up horns.

After any kind of swimming cosmetics see if any skin origin, the red itch stopped immediately, use water for washing up to go to cosmetic products, usually so just stop now, the cosmetics million evidence on the reduction and will expire.

However, in some people with allergies increasingly worse, so need to be treated, depending on the extent that different treatment. For inflamed skin contact just short of swimming medication corticoid such as eumovate, dermovat, flucinar … very serious case, the additional oral anti-allergic as clarytine, cezil, celestamine, peritol, pipolphen, semprex Take … high doses of vitamine C. Usually only after 3 days of treatment the symptoms will be quickly and certainly from.

Generally avoid abuse of cosmetics, because in fact no type of cosmetics that are nutritious for the skin. For people allergic to cosmetics category is the lifetime should not use them again, with the location of allergies such as hives, hen (asthma), they must be very careful when using cosmetics.

Should try to respond before using cosmetics, is the cosmetic use of new first time, there are many methods:

– Test method was present in the arm: dab on cosmetics area on the skin in the arm for 24-48 hours.

– Put Method (provocative use test) or methods ROAT (repeat open application test) method is defined to react slowly with cosmetics: cosmetic rub on the skin surface area in arm 2 times a day for 2 weeks with 5cm2 wide range to determine the response. If you exceed the time in the skin rub the medicine does not do such as itch, the red, acne in the water … not proven allergies to cosmetics that.

In general, you should be careful with cosmetics poor quality, unknown origin, it should be more careful with the local people have allergies such as Asthma, medal, slow, inflammation, skin allergies and not … never use them again when allergy to cosmetic use.


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