Skin Care Every Morning

Skin Care Every Morning

Skin Care Every Morning Ladies know the significance of skin care and they tend to pay a lot of attention to skin care at night. But, skin care in the morning is just as important as that at night. Since people are now getting busier and busier, skin care procedures in the morning are often neglected.

Water is essential to healthy and supple skin. It is known that by drinking a glass of water in the morning help excrete the toxin and improve skin health. Based on this idea, some people are saying that drinking water with salt is even better. Indeed, salty water is not suitable to be drunk in the morning as it increases the burden of kidney. The best beverage to drink for skin is honey. Honey not only nourishes your skin, it also helps the peristalsis of the digestive system.

While you have woken up in the morning, your skin has not. Facial washing is a way to wake your skin up. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you will have to be careful during facial cleansing. The key point is not to hurt the natural protective barrier of your skin. For example, if you skin is really delicate and sensitive, you can cleanse and massage your face with water only.

Another way to wake your skin up is treatment mask. Though most of the treatment takes you around 15 to 20 minutes, you only need 3 minutes for your morning mask treatment. You can simple enjoy your mask when you are brushing your teeth. You are suggested to use those wash-off masks in cream or jelly form so that your tooth brushing is not affected.

According to the skin care professionals, nutrients are most effectively absorbed in the morning. Therefore, it is important that you apply your most expensive skin care products in the morning. After applying such expensive essence, you should cover your forehead, cheeks and chin with your palm. The temperature from your palm facilitates the perfect absorption of such essence.

Massage is also essential in the morning. Some of you have the problem of puffy or swollen face when they get up in the morning. The puffy face is associated with the poor circulation system. Therefore, you need lymphatic massage to help. Massage on the two side of your face with your fist, from the chin up to ear. Then massage with your index finger from eye corner to your ear. Finally massage your neck in a downward direction. These three ways of massage help the excretion of waste and excessive water from your body.


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