Smooth Skin Secrets of Celebrities

Smooth Skin Secrets of Celebrities

Penelope Cruz’s secret for smooth skin

Our spies at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills spotted Penelope Cruz purchasing the Face Lifting Formula from the new Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy skin care line. This luxurious cream features peptides, vitamin E, avocado oil and extracts of coffee, algae and Clary sage to refine, re texturize and firm the skin.

Celebrity Skin Secret: Heather Locklear and Madonna

Banish fine lines with a product called Micro Pearl Abrasion (visit This celebrity secret product was created for the women of Baywatch, to keep their skin looking youthful. It is a scrub that you use each day for 5 days. In a clinical 28 day trial, women saw on average a 31% reduction in their fine lines!

Celebrity Skin Secret: Gwyneth Paltrow and Brittany Murphy’s

Skin guru Sonya Dakur recommends getting more zinc (found in meats, beans, and milk), Vitamin C (found in citrus fruit) and flaxseed oil (found in health food stores, and can be drizzled over your salad). Zinc and vitamin C are protective and strengthen the skin. The flaxseed oil will thin the blood in your skin a bit so your pores are less likely to clog. The three work together to help your skin heal more quickly, so that when you get acne it won’t take as long for the red spots to fade away. She also recommends getting these in the food form over the pill form and her best celebrity skin secret is drink plenty of water to keep skin from looking dry and tired.

Celebrity Skin Secret: Lisa Rinna

The hostess of Soap Talk, and a Dancing with the Stars contestant counts Glyquin XM Skin bleaching cream among her favorite skin products. It fades hyperpigmentation (areas of the face that are a darker color than the rest of your skin). It hydrates skin, contains an SPF, and also includes vitamin C, E, and glycolic acid.

Celebrity Skin Secret:

Celebrity dermatologist Kathy Fields, M.D. recommends exfoliating the skin to keep pores unclogged and acne from forming. Make sure the beads in the exfoliation product are spherical and not jagged and rough (steer clear of apricot scrubs which contain beads that are too irritating to the skin, they actually result in microscopic tears in the skin). A good exfoliating product to try is Proactiv Solution Renewing Cleanser.

Get Great Skin from the Inside

Learn the secrets to mastering the necessary lifestyle changes for achieving beautiful skin. Includes great tips for relieving stress with such interesting techniques as “high tech meditation”, getting tons of water (even if you hate the taste), getting a great night’s sleep without medication, quitting smoking, avoiding drinking and drugs, eating for beautiful skin, and making exercise fun!

Get Great Skin from the Outside

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