Some Simple Suggestion to Prevent Bone Loss

Some Simple Suggestion to Prevent Bone Loss

Some Simple Suggestion to Prevent Bone Loss It seems these days that everyone is worried about bone loss, which can really reek havoc on your health in later years. Here are a few things your can do to help prevent these problems from occurring.

1) Be sure you get the recommended daily allowance of calcium. The RDA for calcium in women ages 11 to 24 is 1,200 milligrams, this is also true for pregnant woman. For women over 25 the daily intake should be 800 milligrams.
2) Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are great sources of calcium. However, they are also sources of fat. Do try to use use the low-fat versions.
3) Wheat bread is a good source of calcium. Although it does not contain a large amount of calcium. The calcium in wheat bread is easily absorbed and used in the body.
4) Yeast helps increase the availability of calcium in the body. Eating breads with yeast ensures that the calcium present in the bread will be easily digested and utilized in the body.
5) Beans are also a healthy choice. There are several different types, like soybeans, navy, pinto, and red beans. They are good sources of calcium. However, the availability of calcium in soybeans is almost as good as that in milk.
6) Leafy geen vegetables are also good. They are a natural sources of calcium. Examples: broccoli, kale and collards greens.
7) When it comes to vitamin supplements, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how much to take and what kind is best, and ever take more than is recommended on the package.
8 ) Begin exercising regularly to increase your bone mass, Try to do smooth, non-jarring exercises such as walking, bicycling, swimming and low-impact aerobics instead of high-stress, high impact sports such as basketball, long-distance running or high-impact aerobics.

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