Soya benefits

Soya benefits

Soya benefitsSoya is certainly not bad for you. The diets followed by people living in many far eastern countries contain sizeable amounts of soya and these nations have considerably lower levels of cancer and heart disease than their western counterparts.

Indeed, soya has actually been shown to contain nutrients that have a positive effect on both cholesterol and the potential cancer creating toxins in our bodies. Soya is also an excellent source of protein and many essential vitamins and minerals.

The majority of soya’s bad press comes from its links to thyroid problems and hormone imbalance. Soya can slow down your thyroid, causing the entire body to function at an inadequate rate, but this only happens if you consume huge quantities. As long as you eat soya as part of a balanced diet there is no risk.

In terms of hormones, yes soya can have a significant effect but it’s very much a positive one. Studies have shown that soya’s active ingredients can help correct hormones that have moved out of balance. Indeed, there has not been a single reported case of soya having an adverse affect on a woman’s hormones.


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