Stylish backcomb hairdo for 2011

Stylish backcomb hairdo for 2011

Stylish backcomb hairdo for 2011Stylish backcomb hairdo is hitting again in 2011 as latest hairstyle trend that women and young girls love to own for parties, wedding, hangouts and special events.

A small or big crown of hair at forehead endows modern cut to face and enhances its style and beauty therefore the fifties backcomb hairstyle is back in trend but with little transitions to keep you modish and trendy.

A variety of stylish backcomb hairstyles is there but first you have to look for the perfect backcomb hairstyle you want to move with and then start its hairdo.

Forehead crown back comb hairdo

Forehead crown backcomb hairstyle is most stylish one that many of Pakistani models and actress are seen with. It provides glamorous look and makes a woman persona worth grabbing with little effort only.

Take a small part of hair at forehead in triangular shape backward and start moving comb back from the end. Then take smaller portion of hair from left of that doing same with it and also from the right doing comb back. Grasp the ends of these three sections join them together. Match them at back but before define the proper height (today the ideal height of backcomb hairdo is 2 to 3 inches). Apply hair spray to hold your forehead crown backcomb hairstyle at place leaving hair at both ears open or style them also.

Backcomb at full front

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