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Hollywood calling!

Neha Dhupia recently signed a Hollywood mini- TV series, Bollywood Hero opposite Chris Kattan. Says Neha, “I was very happy when I was offered the role. The whole concept is new and I have never done something like this before.” Probe her a little more and she says, “It is … Read more

Hollywood turns its eye to India

For quite some time now Bollywood has been the biggest movie industry in the world. But only recently did Hollywood turn its attention here. And by the look of the Hollywood transactions so far, it’s certain that the partnership is going to flourish. The Hollywood celebrity couple of Michael Douglas … Read more

“It’s not an R.D. Burman Song”

Hoooo… Channo ki aankh mein ik nasha hai. I thought I heard someone sing…dang, you hear it too, don’t you? Resonating throughout Pakistan, USA, UK, and all around the world for that matter, the sudden Channo-mania has caused quite a hullabaloo, uproar, and frenzy. The man behind the mania, whose … Read more