Jewelry Trends 2010-2011

Jewelry Trends 2011

It’s nice to have a great classic collection of diamond jewelry but it’s always fun to mix it up with new trends. Just like fashion changes every season, jewelry does too! There some great trends this fall that can fit in seamlessly into your wardrobe. Here are our favorite new … Read more

Ankle and toe accessories for Bridal wear

The craze to wear anklets or commonly known as ‘payal or pazaib’ in a single strand made with gold or silver, or multi-coloured beads or seashells threaded in a string, started some three to four decades back, when glamorous fashion magazines and movies portrayed models and celebrities, wearing trendy and ‘hip’ anklets and toe rings, which soon became the rage in the world of fashion accessories.

Today, most bridal ensembles in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries are incomplete without the..